Poly Ethylene (PE)

Poly Ethylene (PE)
Poly Ethylene (PE) is a type of polymers with strong chemical resistance and wear resistance.
It is mainly divided into the low density PE (LDPE), High Density PE (HDPE), and Ultra High Molecular Weight PE (UHMWPE).

The HDPE is the most massive among them.

· Anti shock,
· Wear resistant and chemical resistant (strong against both acids and bases),
· Low Temperature resistant (does not exhibit any changes in properties even at 50°C),
· Safe to use with foods, non toxic,
· Low friction coefficient (highly slippery), non absorbent,
· Light weight,
· Can be welded or fused.

Applications :
· Storages of various chemical products, lining, suits, and hoppers of various silos,
· The highly slippery, wear resistant, non sticky, shock absorbent material can be used in various conveyors roller, liners, guides, and screws,
· The material is also recommended for usage in medical and food processing fields because it is non toxic and chemical resistant.


Product Availability :    
Rod Size : 10  to  250 mm
  Length 2 M
Sheet Size : 2  to  80 mm 
  Width x Length : 4"  X  8"  and  1  X  2 M
Colours : White and Black  
Merk : ROHA